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Powerful Software in an easy to use package
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Memberships / Membership Billing

Memberships are a great method for increasing client retention and generating recurring revenue!

Membership Programs can be configured to provide your members with exclusive discounts or pricing.
Memberships can be automatically billed on the renewal dates for a fixed term or unlimited terms.

Tan Bed Monitoring Station

Efficiently manage your Tanning Beds and Tanning Clients with Envision’s Tan Bed Monitoring Station.

When a client arrives, check them in for their tanning session and turn the tan bed on directly from Envision!
You will be able to see a full list of clients that are currently tanning or are waiting for a tanning bed, and a full listing of all your tanning beds.
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Tan Bed / TMax Support

If you use a T-Max Timer for your tanning beds, Envision Tanning can automatically turn on or turn off your tanning beds when a client checks in or when they have finished.

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Simply connect your T-Max Timer to your computer and configure it within Envision.
Setup a delay time so that the client has time to undress and apply tanning products before the bed turns on.

Spray Tan

Keep track of how much solution is remaining for Spray Tans!

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Envision Tanning provides a solution meter.
Keep track of how much solution is remaining, how many sessions a full bottle is worth and how long each spray tan session is.
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Maintenance Records

Keep records of all maintenance required and performed on all of your Tanning Beds and Spray Tan Booths.

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Record the estimated repair date, when the repair or maintenance was completed, estimated cost, actual cost and full descriptions of the problem and solution for repairs.
Run a report that will tell you how much you have spent in maintenance and repairs or how many times a specific bed or all beds have needed maintenance or repairs.

Tan Warning

Restrictions on tanning more than once in a 24 hour time period can be difficult to keep track of.

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Always be reminded when a client has tanned within the past 24 hours or however many hours you wish to set for this warning.
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increase Efficiency and Simplify Daily Tasks
with Business Management Features


Purchase Orders: Keep records of every purchase order with Envision so that you are able to run reports on all of your Purchase Order and Vendor information at any time.
Physical Counts: The physical count screen provides a fast way to update the amount of inventory in the program. The amount of inventory stated on the physical screen should match the actual quantity inventory on the shelf.
Inventory Labels/ Bar Code Support: Print inventory labels from within Envision.

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Client Management

Client Images: Store an unlimited number of pictures for each client. See before and after images and keep track of your progress when doing a series of work.
Loyalty Point System: Rewarding your clients for their sales is a great way of showing that you appreciate their business and a great way to retain clients as well!

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Client Management


Filters: Target specific customers with your marketing campaign. There are several different filters available based on customer information and purchase history.
2 Way SMS: Send your marketing messages quickly and efficiently using Envision's SMS text message marketing engine.
Email Marketing: Send professional HTML emails directly from the software system, eliminating the need for outside resources!
Print Mailing: Create your own direct mail pieces using Envision's marketing templates to print and mail to your clients.

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Sales Register (POS)

Gift Certificate / Gift Card Support: Receive instant income when you sell gift certificates and gift cards to customers!
Prepaid Product / Packages / Series Tracking: Selling Packages and Prepaid Items will increase retention and generate additional revenue!
AP - Bills: Enter utility bills, supply expenses or any type of expense that you would like to keep track of.

Marketing Chart

Sales Register (POS)


Basic Sales: There are over 50 different basic sales reports and each report has numerous options available so you can run these reports in many different ways.
Additional Reports: With 300+ reports available in Envision, you will always be up to date and informed about every aspect of your business.
Tan Bed Reports: Envision Tanning provides multiple reports specifically for your tanning beds

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Optional Modules

Credit Card / Debit Card Interface: Process credit cards and debit cards directly through Envision using Integrity Payment Systems. Integrity offers competitive rates for Envision customers.
Quickbooks Module: This module allows you to transfer information from Envision directly to QuickBooks Pro version 2005 or better. For those businesses using QuickBooks to manage their accounting.
Enterprise - WAN Compatibility: A solution for multiple locations or a franchise

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Optional Modules

Reduce No-Shows With Automatic Appointment Confirmations

Drastically reduce your no-show rate by allowing Envision to automatically confirm your appointments for you. You no longer have to spend your time calling tomorrow’s clients. You can focus on the clients with you today.

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Email Marketing Engine

Sell Gift Cards In-Store And Online

Add to your bottom line and guarantee future income with gift card sales. Easily sell and track gift cards in store and let Envision be your 24/7 gift card concierge with online gift card sales.

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2 Way SMS Marketing Engine

Take Control Of Your Inventory

Manage and track your inventory based on your vendor orders and customer purchases.

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Loyalty Point System

Never Overbook Your Rooms Or Equipment

Never worry about over-booking your rooms, stations, or equipment for your services. Envision can automatically select the correct resource needed for services when booking an appointment.

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Gift Certificate/ Gift Card Support

Target The Right Audience

Stay in constant communication with your clients and let Envision handle your marketing. Send promotions, announce new products, or wish your favorite clients a happy birthday! A simple email can be a reminder that it is time to book an appointment, building your client retention.

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Prepaid Products/Packages

Online Booking Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device!

Allow your customers to book appointments online or through your business Facebook page. Appointments are booked in REAL TIME so they appear on your calendar instantly!

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8 levels of Commissions

Quick And Easy Check-Out

With Envision, your register is always with you. Easily process tickets using your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

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Point of Sale

Client Memberships Guarantee Revenue

Do you dream about having consistent repeat business and a steady revenue flow? It's time to make your dreams a reality with Envision's Membership Program!

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Credit Card/ Debit Card Interface

Reports To Keep You On Track

With just a few clicks, you can see your staff's and your business’s strengths and growing points.  Envision makes it easy to review your most valuable data in single reports.

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Quickbooks Module

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